The past two months have been nothing short of craziness. Being sick and in the hospital, not  being able to eat, becoming best friends with tums, worried visitors, more doctors appointments than I can count, moving back home, dropping out of school, sleeping more hours than Im awake, trips back and forth from the 801 to St. George, one of my best friends leaving on a mission, and my t.v schedule of the food network channel, ellen, heroes, samantha who, CSI: (all three), my own worst enemy, the hills, NCIS, 90210, gossipgirl, private practice, night rider, eleventh hour, greys anatomy etc.. (thank goodness for tvo) has kept me pretty busy. Due to this craziness I have been  a definite blogging slacker, but here is an update on my not so college life..
I was really sick in St. George for a week and a half and wasn't getting better, so when I came home for fall break my mom took me to my doctor. They thought I had pneumonia and put me on a super strong antibiotic called cyproflaxin. I started taking it and soon after I couldn't stop throwing up. It got so bad that anything I ate or drank I would throw up two minutes later. I got so dehydrated and I hadn't peed in 24 hours, so off to the hospital we went. When we got there they hooked me up to an IV and took my vitals, drew blood, did a cat scan, took x-rays and got a pee sample in a way that I will never forget etc.. etc.. Soon after the doctor came back with my test results and turns out I had fluid around my heart and my kidney function was at a 5 when it should be about a 1, which means my kidneys were functioning at only 8%. They admitted me to the hospital where I stayed that whole week. This was my first time staying in a hospital and lets hope it was my last. Im pretty sure the doctors and nurses hope it was my last time also because I was such a brat. Long story short, they couldn't figure out why I was sick or what was causing the kidney failure. I was their own "medical mystery." After keeping me on fluids the whole week, my kidneys were finally getting better so I was able to go home! I was so excited to get out of there and be done with them taking my blood about a million times, not to mention everyday at 5 in the morning. But actually it didn't stop there. I had to be back to the hospital for more blood tests, check ups to go to, more appointments to doctors I had never heard of before and all of which they pricked me and took more blood. Lets just say I still have bruises and marks on my arms. All in all, after a month of being sick and a conference call between all of my doctors, they were finally able to figure out what was wrong with me. Turns out I was in kidney failure because I was taking Ibprofen and the cyproflaxin while I was dehydrated, so it was too much for my kidneys to handle and so therefore they were shutting down. But interesting enough thats not why I was sick. I have pancreatitis, which is inflammation in the pancreas, other than it can be really serious and dangerous, I don't know too much about it. Im doing a lot better now, and Im thankful to those of you that visited me, called daily, sent flowers, brought me magazines, attempted to bring me food, fasted and kept me in your prayers. It means a lot, and it really showed me how truly and deeply loved I am. 

I have pictures but Im a little embarrassed because I look like Kung Fu Panda in them. My Aunts think they are funny and think that one day ill look back and be able to laugh at them.. but that day hasn't come and Im still not over it. Maybe in a few weeks it will pass and ill be able to post them. 

Yes we are in college..

I cant help that Im really funny?... haha
The other night we went water ballooning. Although some might ask other wise because of our immature behavior.. we are indeed in college. haha