i have a little problem..

its called
i am obsessed with buying magazines
i walk past a stand & i just cannot say no
went last night with B to get a phone charger
i left with two magazines
went out again today to buy a new book
left with another magazine in my hand

like i said
its a problem

"but above all, watch, with glittering eyes the whole world around you, because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places"

roald dahl

"fear is the path to the dark side. fear leads to anger. anger leads to hate. hate leads to suffering."

its true
i am a star wars fan
judge me if you want
i've been having a star wars marathon

may the force be with you


soooo practically everyone knows i have allergies
peanuts. potatoes. soy. some fruits&veggies. & latex
you name it
im allergic
i carry around an epipen:
epinephrine injection
used for emergency treatments for severe allergic reactions

this is how it works:
pull off safety cap

push in leg
& hold for 10 seconds

dispose of used epipen properly

& call 911 :)

sometimes i forget to carry my epipen with me
(shhh.. dont tell my mom)
but just the other day i switched purses and thought to myself
do i really need this?
i left it home
then the next day i saw it sitting on my dresser
haunting me
so i grabbed it fast and went to school

it was the chirstmas party
which meant lots & lots of treats that i couldn't eat

i was in lena's office getting my last few signatures when a cute girl walked in
she was on the verge of tears
and she was asking for benadryl
which i usually have- but this one time
i didn't
she was having an allergic reaction
she too is allergic to nuts

before she left to see if anyone else had any
i told her if it got worse i had an epipen

10 minutes later she came back and asked if she could use my epipen
her voice was scratchy and she coughed a few times
bad bad sign
i got a little nervous for her
i grabbed it fast and handed it to her
but then thought if the tables were turned i would want someone else to do it for me
i asked her if she wanted me to do it
she did indeed

we went back to lena's office and i gave her the shot
i was being brave and pretended i wasn't scared to give it to her
but inside i was freeeaaakkiingg out
(have you seen the size of those things?)

all in all she ended up being okay
but this was a lesson learned for me
- to ALWAYS carry my epipen with me

because even though i am really careful with my allergies and i can control what i eat
you cant really control what others eat
or what cross contamination could effect you
if people don't have allergies
they just don't seem to get how severe they can be
even if you tell them a million times not to eat those peanut m&m's around you
they still do
or they walk away for 2 seconds
pop it in their mouth and then come back and think its okay
trust me
its not
i have reactions alllll the time
but luckily none that have been too horrible

i don't blame people for not getting it
because trust me if i didn't have allergies
i too would have a little b-fit if i couldn't eat my perfectly packaged peanuts on the airplane
because "someone" had an allergy

my allergies are embarrassing
and a struggle for me each & everyday
there is nothing worse than having to walk out of class because you are having a reaction to the pb&j being eaten across the room
or going to weddings starving and then you realize you cant eat anything
or not being able to go to dinner with friends because you can't eat there
or watching your whole family on thanksgiving eat mashed potatoes while you get to eat corn with your gravy
or going on a date where they order a treat to share and then you have to explain you cant eat it- then they feel bad- & you feel stupid ( good times!)

i knooooww i shouldn't feel bad about telling people i have allergies
or get embarrassed
but i do
its definitely a trial for me
& im working on overcoming it

its a good thing that i have a great family and friends who don't mind sticking up for me when i feel to shy to stick up for myself
or that don't mind not eating things im allergic to around me even if its their favorite
my poor family & friends have had to make many sacrifices for me
but i reeealllly appreciate them

i should love my allergies cause they make me unique right?


if you don't know this about me already
i absolutely love to read
i seriously have a fascination with books
i looooveee them
i am always reading a new book
my library card is my best friend
"having fun isn't hard
when you've got a library card"
[if you know where that's from
god bless you.. i like you even more than i did before]

one day i will have a library in my home
a very large one with a million shelves
filled with all my favorite books
a library so big
you will have to use those fancy ladders
that slides around to be able to reach them all
wouldn't that be a dream come true

check out my latest read over there >>>>>>>>


what inspires you?

i love paul mitchell
i honestly think it is the most amazing school out there
choosing to go there was the best decision i have ever made
& i am going to miss everything about it
they not only teach you how to be successful in the industry
but how to be successful in all aspects life
they inspire you to be better as a person
i love the people more than anything
they have been my family for the past year and a half
i have learned so much from every single person there
& they have all made such a lasting impact on my life
its seriously a bittersweet feeling
i couldn't stop crying the whole night
you wait what seems like forever to be done with your hours
then when it comes you are kinda sad
im leaving behind what has been such and amazing chapter in my life
but i know great adventures are coming my way
i love being a hairdresser & being in the beauty industry
when you have a passion for something it makes life so much more enjoyable

shout out to my "posse"
i love you all so much

Coldplay - Christmas Lights

i love this. & i love that piano.

i just did something
& i feel like an adventure is coming my way
is that the east coast i hear whispering my name?
stay tuned

what makes a person happy?

i have been pondering this question for the past week
you see people who you think should be happy-
they have everything (or so it seems)
but yet they are lacking in the being grateful department of life
& just aren't happy
i didn't get it
i know people fall down in life
& things happen that don't seem fair
we complain or hold a grudge
every single person is guilty of doing this
i know i am
we are all given different & unique trails in our lives to overcome
but that's just the key word- overcome
its about overcoming those obstacles & getting back up when we fall
being grateful for our life & everything that has happened
good or bad
its those experiences that make us who we are
we should take those trials with open arms & run with them
show everyone else that you can do it
you can overcome it & you wont let it bring you down
being thankful for the things you do have & not what you don't
i haven't always thought this way-
but now i do

a while back my dad lost his job
my family's whole world was turned upside down
everything changed
i thought it was the most horrible thing that had ever happened to me
i was stupid
& i was ungrateful
it was extremely hard at first
it felt like everything we used to know was being taken away from us
i felt robbed
& i was angry
but as time went on- it got easier & easier
my family had a change of heart
& i had a change of heart
we grew closer as a family
spent more time together
had family home evening
read the scriptures together
prayed together
& somehow we made it through even better than before
somehow all our needs were met
all our worries seemed to go away
we were blessed- to say the least

i am so grateful to have had this experience
& even though my dad has finally found a new job
i know each and everyone of us has taken & learned so much this trial
it has made every single person in my family become a better person
a little more grateful
a little more kind
a little more loving
a little bit stronger
& a lot more appreciative for the blessings in our lives
we were happy before
but we are all happier now
its funny how that happens
going through something so hard- made us happier
im so proud of my younger siblings and the people they are growing up to be
but mostly im proud of my parents
for staying strong for all of us-
because we needed their example
for helping us know the true importance of life
& for helping us grow closer to the gospel

so while i was at church today still pondering the question
what makes a person happy?
i was thinking of the little things- lots of things that can make a person happy
but the real answer i was looking for sort of hit me as i looked down the bench at every single one of my family's faces
having the gospel in your life- is what makes a person happy
thats the answer i was looking for
it was the answer to my prayers
i honestly believe that a person cannot be truly happy without it in their life
without it i don't think my family would have come this far
we wouldn't have been as blessed

i am so thankful to my heavenly father
for everything he has given me
for my family & for the blessings we have
for being sealed in the temple for all time & eternity
for prayer- knowing that someone is always there to listen
for my trials
i am a better because of them
& for the atonement
the gospel strengthens my heart
& restores my soul
it brings me happiness & joy each & everyday

i changed as a person
& im happy to say that
im a little bit better than i was before
i am still learning & growing
but im proud of who i am
& where i am going in life

i am happy

"however mean your life is
meet it & live it
it looks poorest when you are richest
love your life- poor as it is"
-henry david thoreau

i did it.

i passed my state boards
.... everyone congratulate me now
ohhh stop- you are all too nice
thank you very much
im so happy its done & over with

now lets look at this picture to celebrate together
i've always loved him
& he plays soccer
bonus points

mm.. he sure is divine


if you are ever bored
go look at ellens bad paid for photos


12. a thought for the day.

i hate playing phone tag
i've been doing it all day with multiple friends
it drives me crazy

kinda obsessed with her..

freja beha erichsen


11. nicknames & why you have them

smurf- grandpa rog gave me this name when i was a youngster & calls me it still to this day.
i think its because i walked at an astonishing 7 months so i looked like a little smurf running around. im one of the only grand children with a nick name- i like to tell myself im the favorite.

soso- it started with my little brother tate. he couldnt say my name so he called me soso instead. then it stuck. sylvie called me it. & now little surie punk-a-doodle calls me this.

74- at school we all have numbers. & they have sort of become our nicknames. we will be walking around a store and someone in our "posse" will get lost- call out their number and BAM.. they are found.

mary- elderB calls me this when im wearing my grouchypants

soph.sophs.sopha.sophalophagus.sophalopher. sophaloafabread.wiggers.
all randoms i guess.

im off to vegas with the family for the week for thanksgiving break
i think im the only one on this earth that hates thanksgiving dinner
ill probably be eating some yummy toast
but thats beside the point
thanksgiving isn't about the food.. but about giving thanks of course
i have lots to be thankful for
its always nice to set aside life for a bit and think of all the blessings each one of us has been given
i am so lucky

hope everyone has a very happy thanksgiving

(aunt kath's turkey)

check out this gem
gobble is his name
dont worry no one will be eating him

is it weird..

that i practically have my whole wedding planned out
& im not even close to getting married?

im a freaaaakk
i know

i have a whole wedding album saved on my macbook
im kinda obsessed with wedding blogs
stalk them for houuuurrss
its becoming a problem

my little brain is telling me to seek help

can you hear that too?
"seek help"
"seek help"

...told ya


10. what do you look for in a guy/girl?

tall. dark. handsome.
must love children.
confident. not conceited.
priesthood holder.
best friend.
nice teeth.
enjoys life.

just to name a few.
im old fashioned when it comes to dating.
sue me.

it would be 2

"caught ya"


at school we have a caught ya board where we can leave little notes to each other when we see someone do a nice deed towards someone else
or just to tell them we love them and are thinking of them.

i must say- a lot of the time the poor caught ya board is pretty empty.
so the other day laurie lou and i blew it up. we wrote all our learning leaders. everyone up at the front desk. and all our friends + more. it was covered from the both of us.

when i looked at it today it was even more full.
i felt pretty proud knowing we had started a trend.
but more than that it made my day knowing that people were taking notice and complimenting others and making their day too.

i know i always feel good when i get a note from someone telling me that they love me or just giving me a compliment. i feel like everyone should compliment others more often, even if its just a little one. you never know if that little compliment could have a huge impact on them.

i feel like i want to start a "caught ya" post on my blog.
by highlighting those in my life- or randoms that i see doing nice deeds towards others.
its my blog and i can do whatever i want so im going to do it.

keep posted because you never know if you could be the one im spotlighting!


check my first blog "caught ya" over here >>>>>>>>>


day9. put your ipod on shuffle and write 10 songs that pop up

1. big black car- gregory alan isakov

2. landslide- stevie nicks

3. anchor- mindy gledhill

4. i want to be- the dunwell brothers band

5. beauty in the world- macy gray

6. everyday- buddy holly

7. never be ready- mat kearney

8. last thing on your mind- lights

9. songbird- jillian edwards

10. pitter-pat- erin mccarley

this one's for the lonely. the ones that seek & find. only to be let down. time after time.

"the only real mistake is the one from which we learn nothing"

don't let the sadness of your past
& the fear of your future
ruin the happiness of your present



day8. if you could have any pet what would it be?

i am a sucker for small dogs
& one day i will own a

sooooo cuuuuttteee

fall hair trend


my next hair color?
i think yes.


finish the sentence "i am.."

i am really horrible at this 30 day blog challenge

but i promise ill finish it
just not in 30 days
just when i feel like it

much love


6. what did you do today?

7:50- woke up for school, got dressed, brushed teeth and maybe brushed my hair.
8- drove to provo for school
9- clocked in at school and had theory
10- sorta ditched class and went home for a nap
12:45- woke up from nap and went back to school
1- got an adorable client named callie. she got her hair done by a future professional on monday but it was messed up so i fixed it.
4:30-clocked out
5- went on a date to training table with caitlin
6-drove back to salt lake
7:30- played with family & cut papa mikes hair
8:50- caitlin picked me up and we drove back to provo
8:57- dropped off my redbox just in time
9:45- went to a party called fall frolic at chelseas house
11- left party
11:05- got to apartment 124
11:15- cuddled with keri in her bed
11:15-12- laughed our pants off with roommates friend
12- made a bed on lauries floor, brushed teeth & washed my face
12:15 lauren came home and we laughed
12:30- watched funny videos
12:33- blogged
12:35- bed time

it was a goooood day


5. something that makes you feel better

getting mail- or emails from missionaries
enough said.


4. whats your guilty pleasure tv show, food & magazine?

keeping up with the kardashians-
i love this show. & i love them.

carnation instant breakfast-
its more of a drink but i live off of these.

glamour is my favorite-
but i think any magazine is a guilty pleasure of mine.
im always tempted to buy a couple at the store.
10 dollars later... $

just bought this one a few days ago.


3. a picture or description of your favorite place in the world
somewhere you visit daily or at least fairly often

island park. idaho
the cabin

it all started with this beauty in 1954-

then this gem 8 years ago-

this is easily my MOST favorite place in the world.
i have spent every summer in island park since the year i was born. this is my happy place. no matter what is going on in my life i can go to the cabin and forget everything and be so carefree. the best childhood memories i have come from the cabin playing with cousins and being with family.

island park is a special place and so magical that no where else in the world could ever compare. i get emotional thinking about the cabin when im not there. the love my family has for the cabin is so strong its a little outrageous sometimes how much we obsess over it. practically my whole family was baptized in the snake river right off the dock which only makes it that much more meaningful.
its a place where family comes first.
a place where the love we have for each other grows stronger after each and every visit. my family is so important to me and i may be bias but i think i have the best ever- so being able to spend time with them at the cabin is a blessing in itself. the cabin is a place where i feel at peace. a place where i can be my whole self. a place where i can be happy. & a place where i feel loved. i could go on all day sharing memories while laughing and probably crying. i could never say all the things i would want to about the cabin on this small little blog cause there isn't enough time or room. im just thankful for a place that makes me feel as good as island park does. i smile just thinking about it.

but all in all- i love it more than anything
& its my favorite place in the world

plus.. it looks like this every morning

and this every night-

i think my great great grandparents did a good job & i hope they know what a lasting impact the cabin has had on their children & their children's children & so on and so on and for the many generations to come
i cannot wait to share the cabin with my own children someday


2. a picture of one of your celebrity crushes and 5 things you would do with/to them


josh duhamel

i feel like this is very suitable for the moment
i just saw his new movie "life as we know it" a few days ago
i absolutely loveeed it
i couldn't stop obsessing over his gorgeousness

& the 5 things... i think ill pass on this part-
it would be too inappropriate to post
just kidding

the 30 day challenge

1. your name and 5 things no one really knows about you..

sophie samantha

uno. i am constantly touching, twisting or twirling my hair

dos. i write in my journal every single day

tres. i have a birth mark on the inside of my left leg
& im double jointed in my fingers

quatro. im a tad bit ocd about certain things

cinco. food allergies should have been my middle name
im allergic to everything.. basically


"There could never be a more beautiful you
Don't buy the lies disguises and hoops they make you jump through
You were made to fill a purpose that only you could do
So there could never be a more beautiful you"

happy anniversary

october second
my parents anniversary
my grandparents
my great grandparents

all share the same anniversary

not to mention all three girls are the oldest in their fam bams
so am i
i told my mom that i feel like if i were to mess up the cycle i would be cursed or something


goodbye jetta

dear ariel,

you were the best car i could have ever asked for
the last 4 years have been a real treat
i have shared too many great memories with you
i feel like i have abandoned you
& i will always miss you

with love

robyn is married!!

the crew at the wedding dinner
minus rachel..

i was lucky enough to be robs maid of honor
i had to give a toast at the dinner
i read a journal entry i wrote about robyn over a year ago
i cried like a baby. dang it.

driving to the temple

waiting for rob to come out

the married couple
so happy for them


getting her freshened up before the reception
i did her hair
& lauren did her makeup
i dont mean to toot our own horns
but toot toot... i think we did a fabulous job
she looked amazingggg


love her

the whole wedding was absoultley amazing
i couldnt be happier for robyn & spenc