Love <3

As of late.. I'm in love with...

A pair of shorts- I stole them from Megan and wear them almost everyday.. I will surly cry when I have to give them back. 

Mat kearney- I play his new CD 24/7.. its an obsession. 

FB- I check my facebook multiple, and I mean multiple times a day, it has even become part of my nightly routine before bed. sighh.. 

My Blackberry- Texting is a must... and as I said above so is FB, which my phone lets me check whenever and wherever. 

Family Scripture Study- pure love. 

"Silkie"- I still sleep with my baby blanket every night and lately I seem to be in love with it even more. 

Rachel's Wedding- I love everything about it.. planning showers, picking out presents, going to dress fittings, Blue Boutique(never laughed harder), her ring, the engagement pictures and invitations, honeymoon talks, etc, and most importantly I love seeing her happy. 

The Seals- For paying me to watch their cute kids while on vacation.. best way to make money I'd say. 

Ellen- Ohhh how she makes me laugh, I love when 4 o'clock rolls around. 

90210- I cried watching you.. please hurry and come back on soon. 

So You Think You Can Dance- I can tell Im already going to love this season. 

The Bachelorette- Monday night Bachelorette parties with the gurrllzz keep me going. Not to mention I love love LOVE Kipton. Mmhmm he is HOT. 

My family- Even though it doesn't always seem like it.. I really do love being home and I can't wait to be sealed for time and all eternity. 

My friends- I would die without them. Some might call us "cliquey" but really we just share a bond that ties us together and can't be broken. I couldn't ask for better friends. 

Telling deepest darkest secrets- R.I.P "Bentley" hahahHAHAhaha

Bowling- Lets just say you can bowl a 21 and still love it. 

Kaysville- I love that Kaysville isn't and hour and a half away like I thought it was. 

The rain- I want it to rain everyday for the next two weeks. Don't ask why. 

Letters- I love getting mail. 

Twinness- I love my twin who is exactly like me.. only blonde and better looking. 

Drive-In-Movies- They always treat me good.  

Key West- Thank you for sending Robyn back to me. I love her being home. 

Sitting in cars- Some of the best conversations and deepest chats happen in cars. 

LimeWire- I love downloading music for freeeee.

Stargazing- Best of memories. 

My car- Its actually clean inside and out for once, thanks to Barn who stole my keys and while I was sleeping took my car and washed it for me. 

Wendy's frosty- I crave one everyday.

Cabin- This isn't as of late.. I just always love my cabin. 

Summer- I hope it doesn't go by too fast. 

 -I love that I know how to do this peace sign. Seriously. ☮ ☮ ☮ ☮  

Wasatch Drive- I love driving on you instead of the freeway and watching the sunset. 

My Life- I simply love it right now and Im happy. 

The End. 

.a.d.o.p.t.i.o.n. d.a.y.

The adoptions were finalized in court last week on Monday May 11, 2009. It was a very special day for our family and up next is the temple sealing on Friday May 29, and I'm so stoked. I can honestly say I think we are the luckiest family ever to have had Surie come into our lives, she is a huge blessing and we love her soooo much.  

Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day to the BEST Mom ever. 

Elder Alex Barney- Indianapolis Indiana

A bunch of us at Barns house after he opened his call. 

back to the 801

Its Official.. I am officially moved home from St. George. It feels like yesterday that I drove from Salt Lake to start our lives in the sunny city. Although it started out rough and a move home halfway through the semester was necessary due to my crazy hospital stay and illness, somewhere along the way I fell in love with St. Geezzy. It was such an amazing and fun experience and I can honestly say I have never laughed harder in my life. I was so blessed to have to best roommates ever who made the whole experience so worth while and I missed them the second we all left. I have to admit that it was a very emotion week while packing up our rooms and moving home.. and yes I did cry. Although its fun being home and being able to see everyone, I miss the freedom and basically the whole atmosphere of living away from home. Everything changed when we moved home and its not going to ever be the same. Lauren, Cate and I are moving to Provo while Meg goes to the U and Kylee teaches gymnastics at the one and only flips. I'm going to seriously miss the fun times we all had together. OneL was the best apartment ever and i'll never forget the great memories we shared together at rebelcreek. As this chapter in our lives closes another one opens and hopefully it will be better than ever. 


After finals a few of us packed our suitcases and road tripped it to california. We stayed at the Marriott right across the street from the happiest place on earth. We spent a whole day at Disneyland and the next day at California Adventures. We played at the beach, shopped, slept and ate like kings the whole week. We had a blast and were sad the leave and go back to the reality of moving home from St. George back to Salt Lake. 

Special thanks to Aunite Karyn for meeting us at Disneyland and buying us our discount tickets.
..and to Zachary's "fake mom" for getting us two rooms at the Marriott for only $55 per person for the week. 

I love Disneyland. <3

Me and Ky Ky- my riding buddy. 
The gurrllzz at DisneyLand 
Tower of Terror- We got our own elevator.. woot
California Adventures
Monsters Inc. 
Bugs Life
The Crew 

Zach Sandwich 
Indiana Jones
Out to dinner
Cheesecake Factory
Lazy beach bum- sleeping 
Newport Beach

Finals Week...


Here we are studying at the pool.

Me and Cate (pretending) to study while everyone else is studying...

All this studying is getting to our heads.. ouch.
First step towards moving out.. loading up the couches.

Dinner for Meg's Birthday

"Vegas" Party
Church with my cute cousins. <3

After being stressed and trying to study all week but not really doing so.. I realized that I am probably the worst student in the world... studying for finals, totally not my thing. 


Cute little Sur feel asleep during dinner. Oh how i love this girl. 

He did it!! We were lucky enough to have the Easter Bunny find us at the cabin.