However mean your life is-
 meet it & live it...
it looks poorest when you are richest, love your life, poor as it is. 

ohhh Jacob!

Its true... Im pathetic. Its 2 in the am and I am up blogging about my obsession with Jacob Black. Just came back from the movie and goshhhh dang- he was looking mighty fineeee!! 

Now back to reality.. I have to wake up in 6 1/2 hours on a lovely Saturday morning to go to a 7 hour busy day at school. If only I could stay in this Jacob fantasy furrreverr! 

invisible children

Visit to find out how you can support kids in Africa and help with the efforts to stop Joseph Kony, and rescue the thousands of abducted child soldiers in Uganda. 


Winn came and spoke at Paul Mitchell- Provo last Friday. It was amazing listening to him speak and teach us all how to become better and nicer people, I was frantically taking notes and writing down all the great things he talked about. In preparation for his coming, I decided that we should make special shirts for him. Caitlyn and I went to good old GenX where they hooked us up with our $10 shirts to show our love for him... lets just say the shirts where a HUGE hit. It was an awesome experience being able to meet him, and  he also signed our Be Nice or Else books and the back of our shirts. Woooooot! 

Core girliess

The man himself!!