Dixie Rock- to- Arizona

Dixie Rock
We went to Arizona.. No Big Deal
Two places at once

Rainy Day..

Today after school it finally rained. We went out and took jumping pictures while it was just sprinkling but after a while it started pouring. We ended up playing in the rain for like an hour. It made my day. I seriously love my roommates and the crazy fun things we do. They are really the best i could ask for. 

Birthday- gossipgirl mondays

Me and Meggie in our matching gossipgirl shirts, jackets and 3$ jelly shoes from walmart. 
We stuck with the chinese theme. check our eyes. 
The Fortune Cookie.... without a fortune. 
It was my roommate Jael's Birthday so we all went out for chinese food at China Palace. 

Walllyy Mart

The second we got home, we got back in the car and headed to our new favorite store. We practically live there and basically best friends with everyone that works there. 

The 801

This weekend I finally got to go home! I had so much fun seeing my family and friends. It was a little weird being home with all the new changes such as my room being taken over by Sadie, and Chase having a car and being able to drive, or Surie in general has changed a bunch, but as weird as it was.. it was good to be home. I have only been living away for a month now but going home made it feel like foreverrr. 
On friday I went to the East football game with my family and then hung out with my grandma Jill and watched her favorite t.v show until like one in the morning. It was classic. On Saturday I got to go to Tater tots football game. I was so excited to finally watch him play. Then after his game all the boys went to the BYU football game, so us girls in the fam went to lunch and shopping.  That night we went to grandma suki's for dinner and after I hung out with my girl and guy friends. On sunday we had family pictures.. which I look chinese in all of them. NBD. Anyways, then we had family dinner at Gpa and Gma Tidwells house where we ate one of my favorite meals: my grandpa's tacos. You can never go wrong with a Tidwell family dinner. :]
I loved spending time with my family this weekend and it was a little bittersweet leaving them again. But no need to worry.. my aunts are coming down this weekend and ill be back
in two weeks.  

Family pictures.. I look chinese.
Meggie and her broken finger after slamming it into the car door
Me and creeper on the car ride home

"Just being crazy"

Me and Cate drove down for the weekend to visit some friends in Cedar. After our 3 am. walmart run we had a photo shoot outside.. haha this is just a few of the many pictures we took. 


Last night we had the opportunity to go caving.. [aka playing glow stick hide and go seek in a dark cave.] We drove up snow canyon to a underground cave, where we had to crawl down into the cave in the pitch dark. It took us 20 min of climbing through the cave to find the spot, there was even bats! When we finally made it to the right spot in to cave everyone wears black and splatters the cut open glow sticks onto themselves, the ground and the cave walls. It was so cool when everyone had a million glowing dots all over themselves and blended in with ground and walls of the cave. We then played hide and go seek which was wayyy fun but hard cause you really couldn't see anyone. Although hide and go seek was fun, i have to say my favorite part was breaking open the glow sticks and splattering everyone with them. 

Later that night too.. we had a random surprise when three of our guy friends that go to SUU drove down to hang out with us and spent the night at our place only to drive back this morning for school. They are crazyy.. but it was fun to see them.

There's no place like home..

Yesterday I found myself really homesick. I have been having a blast here in St. George, but there is nothing like home. I miss my family so much and I am so grateful for everything they have done for me. I couldn't ask for a better family than the one I have. They are all my very best friends.. and although I am the butt of every joke and everyone likes to tease me the most, I still miss being with them.. even though it has been nice not to be teased for once in my life. haha :] 

Another thing i miss from home is the food. Im starving here! Im so used to my food being made for me all the time. So last night I didn't eat dinner and later found myself laying on the floor sobbing because all I wanted was my mom to be here to make me food. After a few minutes of being scolded by a couple of my roommates to pick up my act because my mom wouldn't be here to make my food for me.. i finally gained control of myself to make a dinner for myself. It was a freaking joke.. can you say dramatic.. cause i sure can. This living on my own thing is a lot harder than i thought it would be. I have a feeling these melt downs are going to be coming around more often than i thought..

Temporary Hair Dresser..

While my roommate Caitlyn was doing her hair she got her brush so tangled in her hair I had to untangle it for her. Her hair was rapped in the brush so many different ways.. it took me ten minutes to finally loosen the brush free. 

Weekend Visitor!!

My best friend Robyn goes to SUU and came down to St. George for the whole weekend. We all had so much fun with her here and I was so sad to have her leave.  

German Pancakes

We finally made a dinner with out any mistakes, german pancakes and homemade syrup. It was basically perfection and they tasted so good! In fact we ate them two nights in a row and once for breakfast..

A little trouble..

While hanging up some magnetic boards on our walls in the kitchen.. we couldn't get the board to hang straight. A few more markings and holes in the wall and we finally got them straight.
Then a little later we had a minor problem with the spaghetti we tried making, and spilled half of  the noodles in the sink.. oops! 

First Day Of College

I can hardly believe that I'm in college.. but here I am on the first day of school.

New Home- Rebel Creek

I never thought the day would come when I would move out and head off to college.. But the day has come and I am living with three of my best friends and two new roommates in our own apartment. Yayy!!