cloud 7.5

i have been living a dream
a dream filled with
 rainbows and 
sprinkles and
unicorns and 
sunshine and
alllll things good and great. 

pretty happy about this dream 
 i dont want it to end


never be afraid to
laugh at yourself
after all,
you could be missing out 
on the joke of the century.

-dome edna everage

the sharing place

in january i started volunteering at 
the sharing place

it stopped for summer break
but now its back
and i couldn't be more excited about it
i love it so so much
and i forgot how much i missed it

the sharing place is a grief support program 
where children and teens who have lost a 
loved one can go to heal

honestly it is amazing

check it out


spring & summer have come and gone
& i haven't blogged in

but i decided i wanted to blog again
like just for fun and stuff
& maybe cause all my friends are married
& i need a hobby or something

so here we go

lately my life has been all about change
so many things are different
and even though i feel a bit lost sometimes
i think this change will be really good for me
the best for me actually

i am ready for new people
and new adventures
its about time