I hated her.. I mean myself??

Have you ever gone to a movie and hated a character- but half way through the movie you realized you were just like them?? This was the case for me when I went to see a movie with my friends on Tuesday. She started out fine, and then she bugged me, and bugged me some more, and then it hit me.. I act just like her. I mean maybe not exactly, but ohh man were we very similar in more ways than one. Thats when the tears started flowing and I was crying- or more like sobbing. I couldn't help it, I honestly for a split second thought I was a horrible person. (spilt second being the key word- cause really I think Im great. ha) But, lucky for me- she has a happy ending and so does everyone else. I guess I just have to take it as it is and learn from it and hopefully I'll get a happy ending just like her. 

January 22

My birthday consisted of- 

Bowling the night before to Midnight- so practically my birthday

Sleeping at school

Dinner at CPK- Yummmyy

A hypnotist show


a night filled with hilarious topics for conversation 
-and would you rather

What a goooood burrfdayyy 

"Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend. Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow."

-Melody Beattie 

20 Candles

Happy Birthday To Myself- Im 20. Yay! 

Here are 20 random things about myself-

1. I hate cotton. Seriously have the worst cotton phobia ever

2. I have food allergies: peanuts, potatoes, soy, some fruits and some veggies and carry an epipen with me everywhere 

3. My jaw clicks when I open and close my mouth 

4. I lose my phone 2380429 times a day

5. Im a little kid at heart and think I bond better with little kids than I do adults

6. I could live off of honey whole wheat toast & chocolate instant breakfasts

7. I sleep with my baby blanket every single night

8. I sleep with a pillow between my legs on most nights because I have restless legs

9. Im obsessed with hot dogs from J-Dawgs in prooovooo

10. I secretly didn't really graduate from High School- shhh 

11. I facebook stalk wayyyy too much

12. I talk to myself a lot 

13. I hate nail polish on my finger nails 

14. I always wear a elastic around my wrist

15. Black is my favorite color to wear

16. I sit in the sink while I get ready

17. I twist my hair 24/7 

18. Island Park, Idaho is my FAVORITE place on earth

19. I hate going shopping

20. I still have a baby tooth 

mail mail mail

i LOVE getting mail

I have been AWFUL at blogging lately so here is a little update from last week..

Remember how I said that I SUCK at sledding?? Once again I proved this to be the truth. Last weekend was full of adventures- one of them being sledding. We went up to the ski areas in PC/ or maybe it was Deer Valley?.. anyways, some ski slopes and sledded down them. You have to have someone drive you up to the top and then meet you at the bottom and wait for you because its like about a 15 minute sled ride down the slopes. After basically two minutes of fllllyyyyinng down way to fast for my own good, I crashed into Kylee and just about killed the both of us. Then after everyone passed us we decided to walk 
for a bit because it was so steep, then one of our guy friends (thinking he was doing us a favor) took our tubes from us and continued down the slope- leaving us sled-less. So we walked, or more like face planted it every two seconds down the slope. We eventually found a road and thinking it would take us down to where the car was waiting we started walking, and walking, and walking until we found it was a dead end, just our luck. We took another road and walked and walked and walked some more- which led us nowhere. So finally we took the last road, we were completely lost, cold, scared, sore and not to mention my frost bitten fingers were stinging they were so freezing. After about an hour of walking who knows where the rest of our crew finally found us. It was a nightmare.. funny now to look back on how we got lost and scared all our friends half to death thinking we got hurt somewhere on the slope, but honestly- never ever will I go sledding again, especially on a ski slope. I'm awful at sledding and it has always ended up horrible for me. Good bye sledding career!

Part of the sledding crew

Robyn borrowed one of my sweatshirts and this was the only one I would let her wear.. 
& now forever more I have- 

Saturday I nannied like I usually do, and then met up with my friends in Salt Lake to see AVATAR- which was surprisingly really good. I didn't have my car this week due to Chase's being broken so I had the Lucky opportunity to drive Chelsea's "Smart Car" to the movie. Ohhh my gosh. These cars are hilarious, but sooo fun to drive. I was having the time of my life cruising in that little car. 

Sunday I went to church in Provo- Yay me, and for the first time since moving down here in August I didn't go home to Salt Lake and stayed in Provo. Whoooaa, I know. After church I slept for hours and then went with some friends to a BYU fireside, it was amaazzzing and Elder Anderson gave an awesome talk. 

As of this week so far- its been back to school where I have been an extreme slacker and don't have to drive or self-motivation to do anyyything and would rather sleep all the day away. Lets hope this phase passes by quickly. 

...Oh! And I made the DESIGN TEAM at my school- Woot Wooot

Today I Learned..

That I really like waxing.