"that was ammmazin"

im almost too good at being the favorite sister

today i checked sylvie out of school early
& took her & surie to the justin bieber movie
to say they loved it is a understatement
they were smiles from ear to ear the whole time

we had the whole place to ourselves so we just
danced & sang right along
i cried again
( you would think after watching it a few times i wouldn't cry anymore- but no it gets worse every time)

we walked out and surie told me
"that was ammmazin"
she didn't want to leave

& when we got home i caught sylvie up staris
just bllllassttting JB on the computer

ahhh sweet victory

i mean i love him myself
but seeing younger girls like my sisters
just obsess over him as their teen heart throb
makes it 10 times better

when i was younger i loved n'sync & the backstreet boys
& thought justin timberlake was the best thing
to come to this earth-
but i don't think i was ever as crazy as justinbiebs fans are
more power to him

i had a dream
that i didn't ever want to wake up from
it was perfect
& it felt sooo real

when i woke up
i stayed in bed for 2 more hours
trying to fall back asleep
hoping i would dream the same dream

it didn't work
i couldn't go back to sleep
in fact- i was wide awake

maybe tonight if i think about it long and hard enough
before i fall asleep
i'll be able to dream it again

crossing my fingers

i just decided i want to marry a cowboy

maybe he will be a country singer
write songs for me
& play his guitar
we will have lots of land & live
in a big white house with a wrap around porch
i'll ride horses everyday
& wear cowboy boots


Coming home

i cried when i saw this commercial
i know what ill be watching march 6.

happy love day

i was going to list the things i love
but i love too many things & people
the list wouldn't ever end
hope everyone has a lovely valentines day
that is filled with lots of love


october 25. 1988- february 14. 2005
can't believe its been six years
♥ ♥ ♥

give yourself a compliment

you are amazing
you are brave
you are kind
you are beautiful
you are adored
you are smart
you are generous
you are incredible
you are breathtaking
you are my hero
you are gorgeous
you are a great friend
you are on cool cat
you are my sunshine
you are a winner
you are in a class of your own
you are one in a billion
you are a dream come true
you are the wind beneath my wings
you are really something
you are always on my mind
you are fabulous
you are important
you are not mistaken
you are everything i ever dreamed of
you are what you are
you are on fire
you are a god send
you are never alone
you are loved
you are a star
you are special
you are free to dream
you are on top of the world
you are happy
you are unique
you are sexy
you are perfect just the way you are
you are a miracle
you are love

♥ ♥ ♥

instead of insulting yourself daily like most of us do
give yourself a compliment
cause we all deserve one

"today you are you
that is truer than true
there is no one alive who is you-er than you"
dr. seuss

this is my best friend kyky
i am obsessed with her


i cannot wait for anthropologie's new bridal line

& on cupcakes and cashmere she gave a sneak peak
soooo in love

look here

feb.14 cannot come soon enough

Never Say Never

bet me i wont see this
cause i will

i need to get my rear into gear
& start making decisions

move back east


beauty parlor

laurie lou & i had a hair day
we played beauty parlor as her mother dear called it
tweezed eye brows
colored hair
& gave each other needed haircuts

did you know in grade 8
(as those canadians call it)
we talked about how one day we would start a business
"we do you"

we do realize now how that name
could have a different meaning
but we were only younglings
& thought it was sooo cleaver
this business was all about helping others look good
like we would give them little makeovers & such
looking back on it now
we ourselves needed makeovers
i mean you should have seen me in 8th grade
actually you should have seen me all through high school
bless my little heart

weird that we both went to cosmetology school though
so now i guess we really can have our business

we do you
sophie & lauren

today was lovely
but we need lives


monday mornings with surie

my grandma suki teaches 3th grade
my sister sylvie is in 3th grade
my grandma is my sisters 3th grade teacher
but thats besides the point
my cute mom goes in every monday
to help out in their class
doing things like spelling, math, art projects, etc..

this leaves me the babysitter in the mornings
where i get to spend time with little
surie punk a doodle

she woke up this morning grumpy
so did i
we both didn't want to get out of bed
so she climbed in my bed with me
& we snuggled instead
when we snuggle she doesn't stop talking
she thinks this is her time to chat my ear off
most mornings this can be super annoying
but not today
i loved it
she told me stories
& sang me songs
& we laughed
a lot

we ate breakfast
& watched phineas & ferb
she knows the whole theme song
... okay fine, so do i
i got her dressed
but she ended up taking off her skirt
she just wanted to chill in her leggings
(like big sister like little sister)

it was gloomy outside so we made hot coco
& drank it out of pink straws

it was a good day
even though we both had our grouchy pants on
for most of the morning

someone asked me the other day
what my favorite day of the week was
& i didn't know
but i really think it is mondays
when i get to have my soso/ surie bonding time
i just love that little girl to pieces
more than anything
she is my best friend

(as of right now im talking to her on the phone-
im up stairs & she is down stairs
i want her to come up to take a picture with me but she wont)

The Force

i saw this a few days ago and couldn't stop laughing
i loooved it and thought it was hilarious
so glad they showed it during the super bowl
fav fav fav


last night we had another great "rukkkkus"
instead of going hot tubbing cause it was freezing
we ended the night playing spoons
i had forgotten how much i adored this card game
we had a blast & there was lots of laughter

its funny how something so simple
like a game of spoons can make you feel
like you have the best friends in the world
as i sat there i took a minute
to look around at my cute paul mitchell posse
& see the laughter & happiness in all of their faces
i couldn't help but smile to myself
i love them all so much & for different reasons

we all are at different places in our lives
but getting together for rukkkkus
is something i think will be a tradition for a
lonnnng time


back to spoons
i took a trip down memory lane
back to summers in island park at the cabin
playing countless rounds of spoons with
judd. carly. & cailey.
those were the days