i. could. not. put. this. book. down

I seriously read 20 pages the first day- & the second day I read it all. 
I mean, I was so high on adrenaline that upon finishing it last night, I honestly had to stay awake for two hours because I couldn't stop thinking about it. I guess going to bed close to 3 in the morning is a price I had to pay for such and entertaining book. 

Now on to the second book- Catching Fire

Word Verification

Does anyone else find these "word verifications" extremely odd?
 Here are a few I got today. 
& my favorite of the day-booger, I kid you not. 
Like every time I go to comment on someone's blog I can't help but take a second to laugh at the word verifications Im given. Seriously some of them make me laugh for at least five minutes. 


Like its official- I suck at sledding. 

1 run down- I go backwards the whole time until the last minute when I turn forward and see Lauren right in front of me, and BAM... I take her out, kick her in the head, and down the hill we tumble. 

2 run down- I accidently head straight off a jump, flyyyyy in the air, land on my head, bounce, bounce some more, and finally smack right on my butt. OUCH. 

I gave myself a break.

3 & last run down- I finally make it to the bottom safely. 

Please bless my sledding experience and hopefully the next few times I'll have better success! 

 I like moments when Im taken back by 
random acts of kindness

While Lauren and I were taking out a larrrgeee load of trash, we were stopped by a kid in our ward who got off his bike, caught us at the top of the stairs and basically took all the trash from us and then helped us carry it to the dumpster. He could have easily kept on riding past us, but instead he took two minutes to come help. Its nice to know that there are still people out there who are so willing to lend a helping hand.