i am laying in bed
watching a movie
eating chocolate
& drinking gatorade

i lost my brush on tuesday
so my hair was really tangled
i finally washed it
it had been a few or more days
but i am letting it air dry
do you know what it will look like when i up

i am a mess
bless my own heart

we had this discussion the other night about "bless their heart" & how you can say things that aren't very nice about anyone as long as you back it up with bless their heart
& that makes it okay

the snow in connecticut is outrageous
keeps snowing & snowing
so much snow

i went to a music class with the younglings
it was at my dream home
i was obsessed
never had i seen the likes
i wanted to lick the perfect hardwood floors
& stroke the pretty furniture
i want to live there
i wouldn't mind having their cars too
one day... ha
i said "dream" remember

[anyways, im excited to go home tomorrow]

hellllllo friends
i am alive
just been super busy
greenwich is absolutely beautiful
i wouldn't mind stealing a few of these
gorgeous homes to bring back to utah with me

i will be home this weekend

its my birthday

me- age one

not my 20 birthday
not my 22 birthday
its my 21 birthday

happy birthday to meee
so far i have spent it running errands & packing

went to dinner with my parents last night
& tonight ill be at the dodo with
my favorite friends


happy happy january 22.

& so the journey begins

i am moving to
greenwich connecticut

stressed beyond belief
but excited more than anything

packing up your life is a lot harder and
more time consuming than you think

wish me luck

timing is everything

decisions . decisions

is a man who steals from the rich

but gives to the poor

good or bad?

i looovee this movie
leave your worries, leave your fears

leave the doubt you're holding dear
leave them there, love, by the door
they're no good anymore

brendan james

The ONEder Fund

watch this. it is a MUST.
and then go here to make a donation
i did.

you know when you don't have a life
& you are ready for an adventure
& then a WEEK before you possibly move away for a whole year
all these new, fun & exciting things come your way

i hate that

if the seals are wondering how their kids are
they are alive
morg is at school
mia is napping
griffin is playing his "phone"
while watching me blog, drink chocolate milk,
twirl & twist my hair
& dance all crazy to the music i am blasting


i have a dream

Martin Luther King Jr

“As my sufferings mounted I soon realized that there were two ways in which I could respond to my situation — either to react with bitterness or seek to transform the suffering into a creative force. I decided to follow the latter course.”

take a few minutes and read his speech
i always get the chills when reading it

read it here

''our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter''

for some reason i cannot stop smiling today
hope you all are having as good of a day as i am

happy happy sunday


can't wait to spend the week
with these 3 gems

Brendan James - The Lucky Ones (Live)

obsessed with this song.
just listened to it maybe 10 times on repeat.
its fine.
i wonder what it would be like
to be this perfect

happy birthday to me??

might just have to buy myself an early birthday present
go download her cd
right. now

once apon a time

there was a girl named sophie
& her bff was lauren
one day lauren met zach
they fell in love
sophie obviously became zachs bff too
(& maybe secret lovers -
but thats besides the point really)

sophie hung out with them so much
its like she became their puppy
or their child
always following them around
wanting to hang out with them
being annoying & bugging them

but one day sophie was in a funk
stayed in bed all day
then there was a knock at her door
it was laurie & z
they came for a visit
they brought presents too
her favorite magazine
her favorite treats
& her favorite drink

all 3 bffs had a grand old time
chattin & laughing & such
all the things bffs do

they left sophies house
& sophie realized that she really did
have the best friends in the whole world
& that she loves l & z more than anything
& that she couldn't thank them enough for
not only making her night-
but her week

the end

(cutest couple ever right!?)

wouldn't it be a dream to live in
one of those beach houses?

i need a...


seriously being done with school
has left me doing
absoultley nothing
& im getting a wee bit bored
& my mother is getting a wee bit sick of me

im ready to move here-

please & thank you
the end

i like to think i am really funny

do you ever just sit and laugh at yourself
like laugh out loud laugh
i do
all the time
i think i am sooo funny

like on new years i made the funniest joke
meg told me it was the funniest thing said in 2010
made it just in time
& the best part was it wasn't even a planned joke
it just popped right out

but like right now
im posting hilarious comments on laurie lou's FB
and i am cracking myself up

just having a grand old time
laughing & laughing
at myself
i am so darn funny
or i just like to think i am

either way
laughing is greeeaaatt

car accident

you know that moment
when your life flashes right before your eyes?
that moment happened to me the other night
literally my whole life flashed before my eyes
( & i hate when people use the world literally incorrect- like "i just literally saw pigs fly." oh really?- no you didn't. but in this case im using the world literally cause it felt like my whole life)
i was in a bad car accident
i saw it coming & that was the scariest part

then BAM

someone ran a red light
my car spun. like twice- i think
then that car went & hit another car
& then went off the side of the road

i had never been in a car accident
or even seen one before
it was terrifying
to say the least

the whole intersection had to be blocked off
there were a million police cars
a fire truck
an ambulance
the whole gang

i was way shaken up when it happened
i couldn't stop crying
but lucky for me it was right by my house
& my dad was able to come to my rescue fast

i wasn't too badly injured
my whole body just aches & im super sore
im bruised where my seat belt was
& where i hit the airbag
(but i don't remember hitting it)
my neck & back kill from the whiplash
but my feet got the worst of it though
the front of my car got smashed in so it crushed down on my feet
they are just really bruised & swollen
but other than that i am just dandy

my car was more hurt than i was
the whole front got smashed and pushed back
i couldn't even get out of my car because the doors were so jammed
the nice firemen had to come pry the doors open

my poor car is a goner
my brand new car
(of 3 months)

sad. sad. day
but its just a car
& i will get over it

im just grateful that no one involved was extremely hurt
just a few bumps and bruises
& i hope that for the rest of my life i am never in another accident
i didn't like it one bit- but i don't know anyone that would