special olympics

be a fan of unity
paul mitchell had a event where we were able to go and help out with the special olympics. that word right there says it all "special." the people we met were amazing and i instantly fell in love with each and every one of them. there has always been a special connection between me and people with special needs or disabilities and i will absolutely always have a special place for them in my heart. i think it all started in 7th grade. i rode the bus to school and on one of the stops we picked up maggie. maggie had down syndrome and was the happiest person i have ever met. she would get on the bus with her older brother but for some reason always wanted to sit my me. we would sit by each other on the way to school almost everyday and talk about all the little things that normal 13 year old girls talk about. she was so full of life and although she was a bit different, i never once felt like i had to treat her any differently then i did my other friends. after that year of riding the bus with maggie, she changed my whole outlook and views on people with disabilities and i took on a special interest for people with special needs and i have been able to make so many special friends because of that. in young womens for a year i was called to do the special needs mutual, 3 out of the 4 years of high school i was randomly put into the special needs seminary and now i babysit little morgan seal who has down syndrome. i dont know what i did to have been given the opportunities to work with these "special" people but i have been so blessed non the less. they have changed my life in more ways than one and i am a better person for having them come into my life. i hate when people are too quick to judge, it just means they are potentially over looking something or someone that might be total gem. i hope that everyone will one day understand that they are people- just like us and even though we are all different we should all be treated with the same respect and be given the same opportunities. i'm me. you're you. and they're them. i think the special olympics program is perfect example of that. everyone comes and is accepted for what they are and are able to participate in the races, games and activities. after being around them you soon realize that they're really not that differerent- you like the same sports teams, think the same boys are cute ( cough cough- zac efron), like the same movies, games, food, whatever it might be. its all about unity and acceptance and having a little more love and kindness towards others. i am so happy that i had yet another opportunity to be involved with special needs and hopefully they will continue to come my way because i love it. 

this friend of ours was having the byu football players sign a poster for him and then decided he needed a picture with the football players and the "cheerleaders" aka us. 

doing crazy hair on my little buddy
i think he was my favorite of the day- i was obsessed. 

be a fan of the special olympics and check out this website

spread the word to end the word
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i blame my aunt courtney for this latest obsession
i lock myself in my room for hours watching episodes on my computer
staying up wayyyy past my bed time
its causing me to roll out of bed looking trashed for school
wearing my clothes inside out & choosing the leggings with all the holes
my bottom is numb for sitting in my bed for too long
i dream about it
i think about it allll day long
ben? or noel?
i relate every real life situation to the show
its brought up in my conversations at least 10 times a day
i refuse to hang out with people
its taking over my lifeeeee

so thanks courtie- for making me a bigger loser then i already was
BUT im obsessed

a job
i officially have one
woo hoo

happy mothers day..

to my sweet mom
i love you


i am full of gratitude
its amazing to see the hand of the lord guiding me in my life
its moments like this- that i feel his unconditional love
 & my testimony is strengthened 
recognizing the lords hand in my life brings me peace
 & i am ever so grateful for the blessings i have been given 
i know my loving savior sent me this personal & timely message of comfort & reassurance 
one of lifes little tender mercies
right when i need it most

"I the Lord thy God will hold thy right hand, saying... , Fear not, I will help thee"
[Isa. 41:13]


my cute grandpa is in heaven
surrounded with the love of our heavenly father
we miss you papa & love you dearly
this separation is only for a small moment
families can be together forever

[ i stole this picture from my cousin cailey- isn't it the most precious thing you have ever seen ]

happy fifth of may!

& if you're not already a follower of nienie's blog check out her "my new life video"
it will bring tears to your eyes. i sobbed. 
watch her video here

surie punk-a-doodle

happppy birthdayy
i cannot believe you are 3
im so thankful that you came into my life
you make me smile & laugh 
you're my best little bud
& i love you more than anything