A day at the park

On Sunday while everyone in Salt Lake was enjoying the SNOW, we were enjoying the WARM weather in St. George at the park playing pass, flying kites, blowing bubbles, and playing on the swings and playground spiny toys. 

Yay for sunny St.G!!

A funny find

While I was home my Mom went to change Surie's diaper and lifted up her undershirt and found that she had a piece of candy stuck in her bellybutton. I guess her big belly comes in handy when it comes to saving things for later!

Car trouble= longest car ride ever..

20 Reasons why driving to Salt Lake took longer than we expected..

1. Before we left we had to jump my car just so it would start.
2. Fill up with gas.
3. Forgot a million things so we had to go back and get them.
4. Car breaks down in cedar.
5. Buy $20 coolant.
6. Fill coolant up and wait.. and wait.. and wait. 
7. On the road again until beaver.. had to pee.
8. Get to Nephi.. and had to pee again.
9. Drive on wrong side of the road. 
10. Ate peanuts so have a spazz attack.
11. False alarm... didn't really eat peanuts, it was a crunchy carmel bit. 
12. Get to provo and almost get in a car accident.
13. Get polled over by a cop.
14. Work our magic and NO ticket. 
15. Drive to Farmington.
16. Back track back to Salt Lake.
17. Miss the Exit.
18. Back track again.
19. Traffic due to a car accident.
20. After a six and half hour drive from St. George to Salt Lake. FINALLY home.