i love my little mexican

"surie, what did you do today?"

"uhm... play with my toys and make a mess"

hello blogging world..

i have been away far too long
its been very busy month
this is the first time turning on my computer
for weeks & weeks
this is what i have been up to..

said goodbye to an amazing summer

went back to school after my 5 week leave

moved back to slc

attended a million weddings

colored my hair for the FIRST time

reunited with friends

hair cuts. hair cuts. hair cuts.. etc

went back to the cabin with judd & his friends

read the hunger games series again. yay for mockingjay

sleepy sleepy. naps

planned a shower

spent close to all my money

turned into a regular at the dodo

did robyn's hair for her bridals

learned to do eyelash extensions :]

... just to name a few.
busy busy busy

looovin life

to my b to the ff's

we are more than merely acquaintances
it's as if we are cut from the same fabric
we have a common thread
that won't be broken
by people or years or distance

you bring love and light
kindness and caring
cheer and support into my life

thank you for listening without judging
and for giving advice without pushing
thank you for helping me gain confidence in
myself to stand alone-
and for letting me know you'll always be there

i know that our friendship will
grow stronger year after year
and i hope that all off the blessings
you bring to my life-
i can return to you

may you always be fulfilled
may you feel content with your
accomplishments and no matter what
know that you are
truly and deeply loved
-kim anderson

its amazing how big of impact your closest friends can have on your life. i feel so blessed to have friends who have been permanently written in my "life book." as each chapter closes and another one opens, i know that each page will be filled with them always. its nights like the night i had last night that makes me truly grateful to my heavenly father for giving me these people. its bittersweet having change. sometimes i wish i could freeze time and we could be 20 forever and live the silly and adventurous lives we do, yet im excited for what the future has in store for all of us. some of my fondest memories and the ones i will remember forever have been with these girls. there comes a time when your friends stop being friends and become part of your family. i will love them always.

lala- my twin. we are so much alike in every little way. we finish each others sentences and half the time don't even have to finish them because we already know what the other one is thinking. she is soo caring and always making sure everyone feels loved. she has a one of a kind sense of humor and im always laughing when im with her. i love my dates with her and z where they kindheartedly let me tag along.

catieb- she is a crackkk up. i seriously pee my pants when im with her. she says the most outrageous things. she knows me probably the best. i dont have to say anything and she knows something is wrong and always gets where im coming from. shes good at making you feel good about yourself. she is selfless and worries more about others than herself. and she is stunnniinngg.

meggie- gorgeous. lovable. life of the party. meg is always the one to get you out of the house to have a good time. she runs of pure energy alll the time and i absolutly love it. shes hardly ever sad or in a bad mood. she lives life to the fullest and i envy her for it. her hugs are my favorite, she welcomes you with open arms and holds you tight. i always feel loved around meg and she never judges when you make mistakes.

rob- my go-to girl. when im having a bad day i call her. she gives amazing advice and lets meknow that no matter what i can be a better person and i am special and loved. shes getting married and im soo excited for her. spencer is a lucky guy but im not going to lie im sad ill have to share my bean! i look forward to our almost daily phone calls which trust me wont stop even when shes married.

red hot- ohhh rachel. i cant even begin to tell you how much i love this girl. she is so wonderful and special and braden is the luckiest guy in the world to have won her heart. me and rach have always shared special moments together ( most of them sitting in my car). i love and appreciate how much she cares about whats going on in my life.

kyky- my little nieve ky hutch. i miss her soo much. we became so close in stg and i can honestly say i have never laughed harder then when i was in her presence. she is so kind and loving to everyone. shes a horrible speller and i love it. she makes me laugh just thinking about her. shes moving to salt lake and im so excited we get to hang out more.

chels- suggestion box. i spill to chels. stalking in her smart car is what we do best. we eat in silence and she is awkward. i adore her and know it was destiny we started school the same time. i dont know what i would have done this year in provo without her. she is a huge example to me and i look up to her a lot. she wants to serve a mission and our bftd temple dates kept me uplifted. shes amazing.

Keri- we share a common humor. she makes me laugh constantly. she has a positive energy about her that makes you want to continually spend time with her. if i were a boy i would want to marry her- thats why im going to marry her brother. :] she has the all the qualities you want in a friend. i know i can count on her for anything. and shes anti-social sometimes just like me- and shes okay with it. she owns who she is and doesn't care what others think of her.

i love these girls too much for my own good.



it was his birthday yesterday

he is 18. 
no. way. 

i can hardly believe in just 1 year he will be leaving on a mission.
i am sooo proud of my little chaser pants & the example he sets for others. 
plain & simple he is a good kid.
& i looovee him. 

its august & you know what that means...?

this book comes out in 24 days! 

im counting down.