how to have a lovely day

in 10 easy steps..

1. smile at strangers
2. slow down
3. say thank you
4. give lots of compliments
5. dress nicely 
6. wear perfume 
7. observe & listen 
8. be charming
9. laugh 
10. wish people a lovely day

have a lovely day! 

take me back

i'm back from the cabin
& i miss it dearly

i haven't even unpacked yet
i want to go baccckkk
right now

i left my heart in island park


[isn't she gorgeous?]

its my sister sadies birthday today
she is too great
as we grow older the closer we become
i absolutely adore her
love you sadie sue
happy 15th!

[farewell friends]

im off to the cabin
the most magical & happiest place on earth
be jealous
island park here i come

ill be back in 3 weeks
enjoy your sunny july & have a happy 4th