Park City/ Karli's Cabin

Walking main street.. I look like a giant. 
We saw the tightest ice tree so we had to stop our car and take a picture. hah

The cow.
The girlies in Park city. We were freezing!
My awesome snow outfit..


The famous top of the stairs Christmas morning picture. Chase and I look so happy..

Surie got a toy cell phone for christmas and after she opened it, she didn't want to open anymore of her presents. All she wanted to do was play with her phone. It was hilarious.

St. George

The first week in december I drove down to St. George to figure out school for next semester. I have loved being home with my family, but I miss living away too so I'm really excited to move back in January. 

We went to a ugly sweater party.. don't mind the random guy in the back?

Robyn didn't have an ugly sweater.. so she got punished. :]

We put Christmas lights around our apartment window. They looked so cute!

We tried making jello shapes.. they didn't work out so well..

Thanksgiving- Cabin

On thanksgiving we had dinner at grandma Suki's house and then headed up to my favorite place on earth... the cabin! Thanksgiving wouldn't be the same without the cabin and the tradition of cutting down christmas trees, and most importantly being with the family. My Dad, Sadie, Tyson and Julie, the Olsons and the Tidwells were missed by us all. <3


On November 16th it was my friend Brady's farewell. Brady is going on his mission to New Zealand. It was the first time all of our friends were together since we left for school, so it was really fun to see everyone and hang out with them for the weekend. Brady is one of my best friends and he will surely be missed. :[