Im a member..


I finally joined the gym. Golds has treated me well so far and we have done a pretty good job and attending at least 3 times a week. The people who work there find us very humorous as would I if I watched us try to work the machines. (Who knew all you had to do to start the elliptical you just have to start moving it and press quick start?)  We had our personal trainer day on Tuesday and Im not going to lie, Jeff and Brian sure worked us! I can barely walk today and had to roll off my bed, just goes to show how out of shape I am. Me, Lauren and Cait were there for 3 hours with them, and Im sure everyone at the gym thought we were the biggest goof balls. Sadly we are pathetic and completely out of shape, but thats all about to change as we force ourselves to actually be active. Our goal is to attend at least 3 times a week so wish us luck... and no more pain. 

CAPER 2010

A few weeks ago 65 students from the PMTS- Provo had the awesome opportunity to go to a 3 day hair show event in Las Vegas along with over 2,000 other Paul Mitchell students across the United States all staying at Caesars Palace, and I was one of them! It was AMAZING. The event was filled with lots of educational classes and workshops, inspirational speakers, career fairs, fashion shows, good food, parties, and lots of famous people. I seriously had the time of my life. Not only was it fun just being in Vegas and staying with some of my best friends in one of the top floor suites looking over the Bellagio fountains, I was also able to gain sooo much knowledge and become better as a hair dresser, meet new friends, and grow as a person. Im so thankful that I was one of the lucky ones to have had the opportunity to go because I loved it. 

walking the strip in the rain with our cute umbrellas 

John Paul Dejoria

Robert Cromeans

Donny & Marie Osmond

Angus Mitchell- the son of Paul Mitchell, & a total babe by the way.

Kathy Buckley- This woman is incredible. She is a deaf comedian and a inspirational speaker. At first she had us laughing so hard we wanted to cry, but by the end we were all sobbing because everyone was so touched by her story. She was born with a disease that left her deaf but it went unknown until she was 8 years old, she was physically and sexually abused, she was ran over by a lifeguard jeep at the beach, and she was diagnosed with cancer. She talked about overcoming all her trials and becoming a better person because of them. She is honestly amazing. I bought her book that she signed and have started to read it, and once again I am amazed at how awesome she is. 
Her book is called "If you could hear what I see"- Buy it, borrow it, check it out from the library, just read it. 

I can flyyyy

White Party

Cheesecake- Yummmyy

Dear Tooth Fairy-

I just lost my last baby tooth. I know Im 20 years old but i'll still be expecting some moneeeyy under my pillow. 



I love adoption and my family and I have been blessed by the miracles of adoption! Adoption has been such an important part of my family. We were lucky enough to have Surie come into our lives where she amazes us and brings us joy and blessings every single day. Adoption brings people together and creates relationships that would never come about in any other situation. Adoption is a AMAZING process that allows the Lord to create families in a very unique way. 

Im trying to convince my parents into adopting a baby from Haiti. My Mom is on board, but according to my Dad- "We have already had our fare share of adoption with Surie."

Uhhh HELLO. Who wouldn't want another one of these?

Oh, and thanks to all the talk at my house about adopting a baby from haiti- Surie is now walking around telling everyone that babies in Haiti are sleeping in the dirt and need to be saved. Hahaha its hilarious the things she picks up. 

Looks like I'll just have to wait and adopt some of my own, and BELIEVE me- I WILL. I'll have some of my own, and some adopted. Im down to have a million little kids, and hopefully my future husband is too! 

Adoption really has been an amazing part of my life and I will forever be grateful for the opportunity my family was given to be a part of it. 

But seriously, Im still trying to convince my Dad that adopting a baby from Haiti is a great idea. Wish me luck, because I doubt it will flllyyyy.