On friday night we went to Vegas, ate dinner at the ESPN Zone, walked the strip, went on two of the Stratosphere rides and ended the night with a "slumber party" at the Excalibur. 
The Statosphere. 
First we rode the "Big Shot" which shoots your up to the very very top where you sit so high over looking all of Las Vegas and without knowing when its going to drop, you shoot back down. Lauren and Kylee screamed, I couldn't breathe and Caitlyn cried. 

This ride was the scariest but the most fun for me. It takes you off the Stratosphere and spins you over 40 mph and up to a 70 degree angle so you are practically looking straight down to the ground. 

Here we are right before the rides!
Driving in the car with my twin.
This elevator made us sick..
Dinner at the ESPN Zone.
We were all sooo hungry we finished every bit of our food.
Walking the strip. It was FREEZING.
That night we stayed at the Excalibur with Kylee's guy friends. You have to be 21 to get a room so Im not sure how they did it, but it was nice to have a place to stay instead of driving home so late. 

She Club Sleepover!

A few weekends ago we had a She Club Sleepover. It was pretty crazy but really fun. I love being in the She Club and being able to get out there and meet new people. 

All the girls at the sleepover

My roommates and I didn't end up staying the whole time but instead went home and had our own sleepover in the front room and pulled out all our mattresses. 

Some of us tried to build a really big pyramid but not all the people made it up and as you can tell below.. we failed and it fell down.

Mine and Lauren's cool trick.