6. what did you do today?

7:50- woke up for school, got dressed, brushed teeth and maybe brushed my hair.
8- drove to provo for school
9- clocked in at school and had theory
10- sorta ditched class and went home for a nap
12:45- woke up from nap and went back to school
1- got an adorable client named callie. she got her hair done by a future professional on monday but it was messed up so i fixed it.
4:30-clocked out
5- went on a date to training table with caitlin
6-drove back to salt lake
7:30- played with family & cut papa mikes hair
8:50- caitlin picked me up and we drove back to provo
8:57- dropped off my redbox just in time
9:45- went to a party called fall frolic at chelseas house
11- left party
11:05- got to apartment 124
11:15- cuddled with keri in her bed
11:15-12- laughed our pants off with roommates friend
12- made a bed on lauries floor, brushed teeth & washed my face
12:15 lauren came home and we laughed
12:30- watched funny videos
12:33- blogged
12:35- bed time

it was a goooood day


5. something that makes you feel better

getting mail- or emails from missionaries
enough said.


4. whats your guilty pleasure tv show, food & magazine?

keeping up with the kardashians-
i love this show. & i love them.

carnation instant breakfast-
its more of a drink but i live off of these.

glamour is my favorite-
but i think any magazine is a guilty pleasure of mine.
im always tempted to buy a couple at the store.
10 dollars later... $

just bought this one a few days ago.


3. a picture or description of your favorite place in the world
somewhere you visit daily or at least fairly often

island park. idaho
the cabin

it all started with this beauty in 1954-

then this gem 8 years ago-

this is easily my MOST favorite place in the world.
i have spent every summer in island park since the year i was born. this is my happy place. no matter what is going on in my life i can go to the cabin and forget everything and be so carefree. the best childhood memories i have come from the cabin playing with cousins and being with family.

island park is a special place and so magical that no where else in the world could ever compare. i get emotional thinking about the cabin when im not there. the love my family has for the cabin is so strong its a little outrageous sometimes how much we obsess over it. practically my whole family was baptized in the snake river right off the dock which only makes it that much more meaningful.
its a place where family comes first.
a place where the love we have for each other grows stronger after each and every visit. my family is so important to me and i may be bias but i think i have the best ever- so being able to spend time with them at the cabin is a blessing in itself. the cabin is a place where i feel at peace. a place where i can be my whole self. a place where i can be happy. & a place where i feel loved. i could go on all day sharing memories while laughing and probably crying. i could never say all the things i would want to about the cabin on this small little blog cause there isn't enough time or room. im just thankful for a place that makes me feel as good as island park does. i smile just thinking about it.

but all in all- i love it more than anything
& its my favorite place in the world

plus.. it looks like this every morning

and this every night-

i think my great great grandparents did a good job & i hope they know what a lasting impact the cabin has had on their children & their children's children & so on and so on and for the many generations to come
i cannot wait to share the cabin with my own children someday


2. a picture of one of your celebrity crushes and 5 things you would do with/to them


josh duhamel

i feel like this is very suitable for the moment
i just saw his new movie "life as we know it" a few days ago
i absolutely loveeed it
i couldn't stop obsessing over his gorgeousness

& the 5 things... i think ill pass on this part-
it would be too inappropriate to post
just kidding

the 30 day challenge

1. your name and 5 things no one really knows about you..

sophie samantha

uno. i am constantly touching, twisting or twirling my hair

dos. i write in my journal every single day

tres. i have a birth mark on the inside of my left leg
& im double jointed in my fingers

quatro. im a tad bit ocd about certain things

cinco. food allergies should have been my middle name
im allergic to everything.. basically


"There could never be a more beautiful you
Don't buy the lies disguises and hoops they make you jump through
You were made to fill a purpose that only you could do
So there could never be a more beautiful you"

happy anniversary

october second
my parents anniversary
my grandparents
my great grandparents

all share the same anniversary

not to mention all three girls are the oldest in their fam bams
so am i
i told my mom that i feel like if i were to mess up the cycle i would be cursed or something