Karli's Halloween Partyyyy 

Return of the Juddy/ Sylvies Baptism

Yayyy.. the wait for Judd is finally over. He came home on the 9 and everyone was super exited. That same weekend we all headed up to the cabin because Sylvie turned 8 and got baptized! Its a tradition in our family to be baptized in the Snake River up in Island Park. It was freezing up there and had been snowing the whole morning but Syl was still brave enough to get in the really cold water, I was soooo proud of her. It was a really amazing weekend having both Judd's homecoming and Sylvie's baptism and just being able to spend time with my family who I love soooo sooo very much. 

The awesome shirts we all wore to the airport.

Isn't she the cutest?? 

Becasue shes 8 here are 8 reason why I love Sylvie-

1. She is hilarious and always keeps me laughing.
2. She is an awesome example to those around her.
3. She is a really good friend and one of my very best.
4. Her laugh is contagious- its so high pitched just like mine.
5. Shes small all around- but I love her small and stubby feet and toes.
6. Shes super smart and a really good reader. 
7. Shes an outstanding little dancer.
8. She cares about others and is always nice to everyone. 

Oh the weather outside is...


Am I really ready for weather like this??.... 


Bring Me Back The Sun Shine