goodbye jetta

dear ariel,

you were the best car i could have ever asked for
the last 4 years have been a real treat
i have shared too many great memories with you
i feel like i have abandoned you
& i will always miss you

with love

robyn is married!!

the crew at the wedding dinner
minus rachel..

i was lucky enough to be robs maid of honor
i had to give a toast at the dinner
i read a journal entry i wrote about robyn over a year ago
i cried like a baby. dang it.

driving to the temple

waiting for rob to come out

the married couple
so happy for them


getting her freshened up before the reception
i did her hair
& lauren did her makeup
i dont mean to toot our own horns
but toot toot... i think we did a fabulous job
she looked amazingggg


love her

the whole wedding was absoultley amazing
i couldnt be happier for robyn & spenc

sweet dreams?

.. not so much

i keep on having a dream
about the same thing
its put in a different way or situation each time
but still about the same thing

its driving me crazy
so i googled the meaning of this type of dream
cause im weird like that

this is what i learned about my dreams

  • being half way towards achieving a life-long goal
  • something accepted or failed to accept within yourself
  • exploring the idea of commitment or new beginnings
  • trying to resolve..

thank you google for helping me understand this dream
(also i googled how to stop dreaming about it.. no such luck)

here are some fun dream facts i found

  1. blind people dream
  2. you forget 90% of your dreams
  3. we only dream of what we know
  4. not everyone dreams in color
  5. you cannot snore and dream at the same time
  6. the average person has about 1,460 dreams a year (4 per night)
  7. childhood dreams are shorter than adult dreams
  8. everyone dreams
fun right?

look at these gems..

a day in the life of sophie & lauren
eating chips & popcorn
playing nintendo 64
while dressed in cowboy attire
& looking like gems..



she is darling
i listen to her over and over again
love all her songs
if only i could understand french...
she has a sweet and charming voice
& i adore her




had too much fun in lake powell
it was unreal

went with my onel girls and over 200 people
loved every second of it

what a stud

im sad i cant ever go to tates games cause of school
but check this kid out

love him

The Cove

i love animal planet
my mom threatened to band me from watching it cause she thinks im turning into a animal rights activist
im not

i watched "the cove" premiere the other night & by the end of it i was crying. i tried to find a video of the undercover footage they recovered but it was a bust, so this is all i could find. it is really horrendous what they do to the dolphins. if you get a chance watch all of the cove- its an oscar winning film & they are showing a repeat on planet green, sept 4.

be sure to watch the mini series "blood dolphins"
where they return to the cove to continue to expose the dolphin slaughtering

im weird. i know