i love him. & i love this song.

can't for his new cd landline
due to come out
april 24
five days after his wife's concert
ingrid michaelson 
in slc

(did i tell you that he tweeted me & lp!?)


she killlllls me
happy viewing

true love

i cried.

happy love day

i hope everyone has a wonderful day
filled with so much love

thanks to this cutie valentines day
has a different meaning for me
she taught me to love a little bit more
 and a little bit better
and not just for that "special someone"
but for all the important people in my life
so for that
i will be forever grateful 


mat kearney

he's my number 1

its no secret that im in love with
mat kearney
likkkkee he's my all time favorite
i just adore him

went to yet another concerts of his tonight
badddddaa binnng baddda bannng

if you weren't there
i feel bad for you
you missed out

he is filming his new music video in
the one and only salt lake city