Grandma Jill :]

For me, being a hero doesn't necessarily mean wearing a costume and having super powers. A hero is a special person who always puts the most important people in their lives before themselves. They care about their well being and try to protect them in their own heroic way.
It was my grandma Jill's birthday and I think its about time I thanked her for being not only one of my heroes but also for being the best grandma I could ever ask for. I am so blessed to have her in my life, and I seriously don't know where I would be without her. She makes me feel special and most importantly she makes me feel loved. She's always looking out for me and I honestly know she would do anything for me. I could never repay her in a million years for all the many things she has given or done for me. She has a way of bringing simle joys and blessing to my life and truly makes me feel important. There is nothing better than knowing that someone loves you enough to go out of their way to make you happy, like she does for me. Her simple acts of kindness towards me have had more of an impact than I think she realizes. I could never fully express my love and appreciation for her. She lightens my life and I love her with all my heart. She truly is the BEST. 


Im nineteen!! It was a little weird not being home for my birthday, but my friends went all out and made it a good one. I woke up, rolled out of bed and went to class. When I came home Caitlyn took me out to lunch and we washed her car. When we got home Lauren, Kylee and Megan had decorated and cleaned my room for me, and I had my favorite drink and treats on my bed along with a cute sweatshirt from Polo. I then did homework, studied for a test and showered. We all got ready and went out to dinner. Later that night some people came over cupcakes and ice cream. At the end of the night.. I hit the sheets early I was sooo tired. Im thankful for having the BEST roommates who cared enough to make my birthday special. 


Yayyyy for a long weekend! Our roommate Kylee's friends came down for the weekend and stayed with us. It was pure craziness and chaos but I loved every second of having ELEVEN girls living in our apartment. 

  • Friday: The first half of the girls arrived and we spent most the night sitting in our kitchen talking. We knew a lot of people in town so a few of them would stop by every once in a while. There is a trail by our apartment that we going running on, and while on our run we saw a door in the mountain in the most random spot. It was kinda creepy so while our cop friends Golding and Williams were visiting us we told them about it. The wanted to check it out so we went with them. When we got there inside the door was a vaulted safe which was open and inside the safe is a empty room. It was a fun adventure but way random and scary! Everyday since then when I go running I wizzzzz past it because it still creeps me out. 
  • Saturday: After sleeping half the day away, the rest of the crew arrived making the total girls eleven. We hung out and then got ready to go to dinner all together. We went to the Pizza Factory and then came back to the apartment where we had lots of visitors and then we started watching the first season of gossipgirl. 
  • Sunday: Kylee's friends made us breakfast and we went to church. We were late so it was kinda funny when the huge line of girls walked in. The rest of the day we hung out, watched more gossipgirl episodes, went to dinner, climbed Dixie Rock, went caving and then came home made belly buttons and surprise surprise... ended the night with more gossipgirl. 
  • Monday: The girls left and our apartment was quite and pretty lonely... 


Dixie Rock
We have sweet skills
Before Church
Pizza Factory
Packed in Lauren's room.. two more girls were in the hallway!
In front of the door in the mountain.
The room inside the safe
The safe

Our map to the door we drew for our cop friends. 
One of our neighbors got a new puppy so we stole her for a while and played with her.

I had to put this up because it is the weirdest thing but its sooo cool!

She Club- Jeff Dye

My roommates and I joined the She Club at our school. whootwhoot! We had to go to Entertainment Dixie Night where they had a comedian. Not only was he really good looking he was soooo funny as well. After we even bought his c.d and took a picture with him. And for a couple days after we quoted his jokes non stop. 

Rock Star Parking

We have the lucky opportunity to live in building one. Its right next to the pool and clubhouse and we don't have to DRIVE to do our laundry. The only problem is there is less parking for our building because of the clubhouse parking spots. Amazingly enough we all got the four front parking spots... this has only happened twice. So i had to document the second time and take a picture of it because its so rare.

 Now thats what I call "rock star parking"


I would..
BELLY BUTTONS..need I say more?


I'm a GIANT.. don't even worry about it. 

After this one I didn't land on my feet and got a nasty scrape on my knee and huge bruise on my hand. Thats just me luck..
I have insanely good jumping skills. haha

The other day Caitlyn, Megan and I went on a "hike." Its unreal how warm it is down in St. George. It was 60 degrees the other day, and its the middle of January! Gotta love the sunny weather!

New Roommate!!

Our two roommates "JJ Adventures" moved to another apartment so that our friend Kylee (who was living by herself) could move in with us. I can't tell you how HAPPY we are!!

rebellious behavior

One of the first nights being back we decided to double pierce one of our ears. We iced our ears, sterilized the needle, and through the ear it went.  Except for of course mine didn't work the first time so I basically had to do it twice. Ouch.. Lets just say it didn't feel too good. After a couple of days I took it out. I wasn't too big of a fan and i probably will never do it again, even though it was quite funny at the time. 

Me being the baby I am.. I had to have my "silkie" with me

Cupcake Disaster..

Caitlyn and I attempted to make cupcakes.. don't they look yummy?