tater tot

my cute brother tate turned 11 today
i can hardly believe it
he is getting soooo old

happy birthday t-man
i looooveeee you

11 fun facts and reasons why i love tate

1. he loves to cuddle
2. he is very athletic and good at all sports
3. he is smart and loves math
3. he thinks i make the best quesadillas ever
4. he doesn't like chocolate 
5. he is a great older brother to his younger sisters
6. he likes computer games
7. he is a good friend and includes everyone
8. he loves being outside
9. he is a stud and the girls at school love him
10. he always tells people he loves them
11. he gives the BEST hugs 

[backstreets back alright]

bsb concert- bahhhh

toooooo much fun
can't even blog about how much fun
it was just too much
looooved every second of it
we had a blasssst

"my day"

i read this girls blog every now and then. she writes thank you notes everyday for different things she is thankful for- great idea huh? anyways, i came across this one. being thankful for mondays. and to tell you the truth i too am thankful for mondays and think of them as "my day". my day to do things for myself and be lazzzyyy.

here are some reason why i love "my day"
  • no school. no school. did i say no school. 
  • i get to sleep in
  • i get to spend the whole day with my family
  • i can actually get things done- like washing my car or laundry
  • spending time in the sun & laying out in my back yard
  • i always shower on mondays
  • i can boss people around. benefit of being the oldest child and having 5 younger siblings
  • catching up on all my shows recorded at my parents house
  • the bachelorette is on monday
  • i get to play with surie
  • my mom usually cooks for me
  • im the favorite sister :)- so me being home makes me feel loved with all the little ones excited to see me  
  • i get to go to the library
  • i can be lazy and relax 
  • etc. etc. i just really like mondays. 

like she says.. mondays are a promising start to the week.
& so far i have a feeling this week is going to be a good one. 
so thank you monday- for being good to me.

[today, im grateful for]

the most amazing dad who gives me infinite love and support 

best friend who gives me inner strength 
... and tells me i can do the hard things in life- and tells me if she could she would do them for me. like writting a letter for me and i can just sign my name at the end if that makes it easier to send 

the place i feel most at home and myself- cabin count down 13 days

my education, i love being able to learn even when school gets hard and stressful and i leave crying multiple days in a row
chocolate creamies from bridget and erics house

driving with the sunroof open and all the windows down 

music that pumps you up and makes you want to dance all over the house 

playing legos with my little cousins- i forgot how much fun i had playing legos with judd when i was younger

making plans for a day hanging out with my sister

my grandpa rog- i dont think he has any idea of how much i look up to him

my grandma jill- for always having my back and making sure im okay

making wish lists of things i cant afford but keeping tabs on my computer anyways

missionaries- :) especially the ones who have to deal with my obnoxious honking and waving every time i drive by the mtc

texting my mom and telling her all the funny things nanny is doing and knowing she is laughing on the other end

watching my favorite shows on animal planet like river monsters, or life, or whale wars 

keeping secrets and daily records in my journal

my heavenly father for the blessings he gives me daily 

and last but not least- realizing what this girl realizes too..

Realizing that nothing just happens. Realizing that I am surrounded by love, by people who care, who’s actions speak louder than words…and choosing NOT to allow one let down take me back to the dark place, the place where I expect this, deserve this, should have known this would happen blah blah blah. Wondering if I’ve closed the door on that dark place for good.  For now, I just choose to smile because my life, with all of it’s ups and downs, is just so GOOD…and so damn fun. 
On that note…

"A beautiful life does not just happen, it is built daily by prayer, humility, sacrifice and love. May that beautiful life be yours always. "

 Dennis Castillo

im a bit under the weather
i have a cold
& the sun is shining outside, yet its gloomy in my room
then i saw this picture 
& it lifted my spirits and made me smile